Frequently asked Questions

I am always happy to receive fan-mails (nice ones especially). I do, however, receive quite a few of them and most contain many, many questions. That’s why it usually takes a while before you receive an answer. Until then, why don’t you browse through the FAQ here to see if you can’t find the answers to your questions already (sorted by frequency  And no – I haven’t invented a single one, I swear!).

When is your next booking coming out and what will it be about?

I am currently working on a novel for young adults that I hope will be published at the end of 2017 in Germany. I will not reveal the content (it’s a secret ), but I give away little bits of information once in a while on my Instagram page (, because I am not very good at keeping secrets. By the way, the title is “Wolkenschloss" (in german, which means something like "Sky-Palace") and the main character’s name is Fanny.

Will you write another novel for adults?

Yes, I am planning to do that.

Will there be a fourth volume of the series on Constanze Bauer?

Maybe in a couple of years…but probably not.

How do you get the ideas for your stories?

I think it is actually the other way around: the ideas find me. Thank god. By the way, you need much more than a single idea for a book. I usually have most of them when I start to plot the novel, but others have to give way to new ideas while I write… (they are probably insulted and talk about me behind my back).

How did you get the idea for Ruby Red/Silver/any other book?

That is a really difficult question to answer. Some ideas, like people visiting each other in their dreams, I have had for many years but I am missing the story to wrap them in. Others come over night – a single idea is not enough for a whole book (not by a long shot). You have to put them aside and keep them alive/nourish them so that you can pull them out of the hat when the time is right.

I will give a presentation about Ruby Red in class next week. Will you come to my school for my presentation.
Sure. I will bring cake. And Chris Hemsworth.

Can you send me an autograph?

Yes. Send me an email with your (complete!!!) address and your name (yes, also your last name!!!) to If you want an additional autograph for a friend, please(!) include that in your mail. Because sometimes mails like “Dear Kerstin Gier, thank you so much for my autograph. I forgot that I also wanted an autograph for my friend Sarah. You have my address” make me cry.

Can I send you a book to sign?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Sending them back and forth just takes too much time and effort. If you want, we can send you a pretty little personalized bookplate (ex-libris) to put into your book. To get one send an email with your name and address (complete!!!) to

Can you come and read from your books at my school/book store/library/favourite café/my grandma’s living room/the opening of our gas station?

Please send all inquiries like that to my publisher Fischer, directly to Kerstin Seydler,

Can I please star in your movie? Can you give me Jannis Niewöhner’s phone number? Why are the movies so different from the books?

Sorry but I can’t answer questions about the movies. You have to get in touch with the producers. You can find all news regarding future movies on my facebook page or my instagram page.

I am currently writing a novel. Can you
a)    Read my manuscript
b)    Get me a publisher or at least an agency?
a)    No. Even though I would be curious sometimes, I simply don’t have the time.
b)    Alas, no. But in my next live I will become a publisher. I think it’s really great that you are also writing and I wish you luck in your search for a publisher!

Why are all your novels for younger readers set in London?

London is by far my favourite city! There is a story lurking behind every corner. Still, my next novel is not going to be set in England .

Can I apply for an internship with you?

No. The whole point of an internship is for you to learn something and nobody can help me write my books, I am sorry. And to watch me doing it is really boring, because most of the time do nothing but stare holes into the ceiling.What is your favourite place to write?

I like to write at home in my little office in the attic. This is also where I am most productive. I always envy my colleagues their ability to write their best chapters on the train/in a café or in a hammock.

Do you also design the covers of your books yourself?

Yes, I have always loved to paint. Actually, I also make tattoos.
No, seriously, I am very happy and proud that Eva Schöffmann-Davidov designs the covers for the German editions of my novels for young readers. I could not imagine more beautiful covers in the whole world.

Are you working on a sequel to Emerald Green?

No. But we will meet Xemerius again in London.

Are you working on a sequel to Silver?

Hm, I could imagine that Mia will have new adventures in the corridor of dreams in a few years.

Do you have a motto in live? If yes, what is it?

I don’t have one. But I think that “You’ve got to jump off a cliff and built your wings on the way down” by Ray Bradbury would make for a nice motto. Not literally, of course.

How do you get all your funny ideas?

I am not so sure – probably because in real life I always try to see something funny in a situation. It just makes life easier if you can laugh about it once in awhile.

Who of your characters would you like to bring to life most? Why?

Xemerius would be the perfect friend – I would really like to have an invisible companion who can pass through walls …

Which of your books do you like the most?

The answer is boring: always the one I am currently writing.

Which class did you like the least in school?

Handicraft. I am not sure who is more traumatized, me or the potholder that dreamt of becoming a scarf…I also didn’t like math. And chemistry was always horrible.

Can you please write Ruby Red again, this time told through the eyes of Gideon?

Really, how boring would that be???

Why are there mainly shortened versions of your books available as audiobooks?

Because the production costs are much higher for non-shortened editions.

Gwendolyn/Gwyneth has a very good friend. Do you have one like that?

Oh yes. Everyone needs a Leslie in her life. Or a Peter.

Are you a little like Constanze Bauer in real life?

Ah, if only I was! No I am not tall, there are those extra pounds here and there, I am much less organized, less patient and not so charming.

What do you do when you do not write?

Sleep. I don’t have time for more than that. Seriously, at the moment I am always working. It can’t go on like this. Actually, I really love working in the garden, love the cinema and I like to cook for friends…

Do you want to write a book about my ideas/about my life?

No, you go ahead and write that yourself! I have more than enough ideas myself, but the writing is the real work.

Do you have a special feature like a Tattoo or a birthmark shaped like a giraffe so something like that? And where exactly do you live?

…now I am scared…

Can you describe yourself with one word only?


If you could transform into an animal, which would it be? And why? And what is your favourite food? Do you like vanilla-tea? And if you say blue is your favourite colour, do you actually mean a light blue like the ocean or a vibrant royal blue?

Please, please stop asking me questions like that. It always takes me forever to answer them, because I have to think about it for so long. And then it could be something entirely different the next day. This way I will never finish the book. (More of a shade like lapis lazuli at the moment, by the way…)

Why did you publish some of your books under a pseudonym?

Many authors do that, for instance, if they are publishing books of different genres. I used to write books for young girls under the name Jule Brand, books for women under the name Kerstin Gier and romantic family novels set in France as Sophie Bérard. But I have only written under my own name for the past 17 years.

And, finally, my personal favourite: Could you write a story about horses?

No. Horses are…umh…not my field of expertise. Although – there are going to be two horses. I am still looking for names, suggestions anyone?