»Some ideas are simply there,
if you need them. What luck!«

Kerstin Gier


Quinn is cool, smart and popular. Matilda comes from the strange neighbor's family, is crazy about fantasy novels and is definitely not his type. But one night Quinn is followed and seriously injured by creepy creatures. So who you can trust when statues suddenly start speaking in bad rhymes and skeletal skulls grin confidentially at you? Maybe the girl across the street who you couldn't care less about. What Quinn didn't plan: to be thrown into a magical adventure full of danger. And he planned even less to fall head over heals in love...

Vergissmeinnicht - Kerstin Gier


About me

My first book was published in 1995. Since then I have written a great deal: about mafian mothers, about time travelling, about dreams. Some of my books have been made into a movie, for example the "Ruby Red Trilogy". However, I am particularly pleased that my novels have found their way to several countries and have fans all over the world. I live with my family and two cats near Cologne. If you want to know a bit more about my writing, have a look at the FAQs.